May Favourites – Big adventures across Canada

May 30, 2015

Favourite Adventure

Needless to say, my seventh road trip across Canada has been my greatest adventure for May. Not only did I get to drive across this beautiful country, but I saw amazing places I had never seen before. Of all the adventures we got ourselves into along the trip, my favourite had to be Dinosaur Provincial Park, in Alberta.

The prairies opened up before us and BAM! We were in the middle of the desert badlands! You could see the different prehistoric eras in the rock and almost picture dinosaurs roaming the valley.

Standing at the rim of the valley, feeling the warm prairie wind, was a humbling experience.

Favourite Things

Accessories for every traveller – Seriously though, that scarf seems handy!

Paracord – A friend made me a purple and grey paracord bracelet, now I think everything needs to be made from paracord!

Episode calendar – Left for a vacation and forgot what episode you were on when you got back? Handy dandy tool right here.

The Bear – Ha! I made the mistake of starting to read this over my camping trip. Terrifying and beautiful.

Favourite Instagram Photos

[instagram url=https://instagram.com/p/2gHlAuoP05/]

[instagram url=https://instagram.com/p/2gcBsloP5w/]

[instagram url=https://instagram.com/p/2Z-X76IPyg/]

Favourite Tune

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGgu7Q_wnBQ?rel=0]

Stay Curious!

– O


I was interviewed for my bucket list

September 2, 2014

Aren’t having bucket lists great? I think so. That’s why I have one.

I was recently interviewed by The Sputnik, a paper I used to work for at Laurier Brantford, for an article on bucket lists. I was so happy to share some of my philosophy of making them, why they are great, and crossing an item off of one.

“By putting it down on paper or putting it on the web, it is a constant reminder of your passions.”

“Bucket lists are just fantasy until you put it into action. Knowing why you want to do the things on your bucket list creates a sense of curiosity.”

I said that. Don’t I sound classy! Kudos to Karly Rath and her amazing writing talent.

You can read Karly’s article here or the full paper here

Stay Curious,

Canada Wandering

10 things you need to know about taking a cross country trip

May 31, 2014

So I left a couple of days ago for my third cross Canada trip, but the first one where I drove. Compared to being a kid when your parents make all the decisions, I learned a few things about the long haul that I would like to pass on.

1. Make sure to get your car serviced before you make the trip. My car needed an oil change at 16,000 km and it was going to hit that mark on my trip, so I got it serviced early to avoid the headache. My service person checks everything out for me, they topped up all my fluids, rotated the tires and even changed my wipers.

2. Have a good idea of an itinerary. Knowing where you want to stop for the day, stops along the way, and other breaks will help you stay on track and on time.

3. Don’t be afraid of breaking the itinerary. Our unexpected delay outside of Sudbury, caused us to change our itinerary. It was a great move, as the motel in Wawa was a lot nicer that the one we were going to stay at.

4. Snacks are your best friend. We were able to save money by buying one lump of food and not buying breakfast, lunch and dinner.  A cooler with protein shakes, carrots, pepperoni sticks, cheese, and water and a bag full of crackers, bread, wafers, bananas, chocolate almonds, and veggie stix were sufficient for our whole trip.

5. It’s good to stop every 400 kms or so. Stop for the bathroom, for a point of interest, or even just to stretch your legs. It was pretty easy to break up the trip between towns or points on interest

6. When packing your car make sure you are not cramped in the seat and have all your necessities within arms reach.

7. Podcasts. Even music gets boring after a while. Dad and I have a similar interest in history, so I downloaded the Stuff you Missed in History class podcast. It is quite interesting and most of them are only half an hour long.

8. It’s a great idea to stop at the first information kiosk when you pull over. We found ourselves on a new road that was not on the outdated map that we had, or on the garmin. Stopping at information will give you the most update maps and it can give you some ideas of where to stop in the province.

9. Keep your eye out for the roadside information attractions. There are some neat attraction stops along the highway and you get to learn a little bit of history on the way. Some of the ones we passed by are: the halfway point of the TransCanada hwy, the Arctic/Atlantic watershed divide, the longitudinal centre of Canada,  the provincial boarders, and the boarder of where Northwest Territories was in 1877.

10. Keep your camera up front. There are so many amazing photo opportunities on the side of a highway, and you never know when you might come across wildlife. They could run away before you get that camera out.



July 8, 2013

Well, after getting back from Greece, I found myself back at school. This time to graduate!

On June 19th, 2013 at 2:30 PM I graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a degree of Bachelor of Arts Honours Journalism and General Contemporary Studies with Environment & Society Option and Broadcast Option with Distinction.

I ended up in the top 3 in my class, which is an honour, because our class was very close and I have shared many happy memories with all of them.

I am so happy to call myself a Laurier Alumni and cannot wait for the next chapter in my life.

Stay Curious,


My Grandmother and me

My Grandmother and me

The most hilarious picture I have ever seen.

The most hilarious picture I have ever seen.

The Family and me

The Family and me


Updating my Bucket List

July 8, 2013

So my four week trip has crossed off a couple of things off my Bucket list and has added a few more of the UNESCO sites! Check it out here


Touching the Temple of Zeus

Touching the Temple of Zeus

Touching Zeus' Temple ;)

Touching Zeus’ Temple 😉


Surviving a long flight and learning the language

May 20, 2013

Okay. 24 hours to be awake isn’t fun, but not to worry, I survived!

The plane ride from Toronto to Rome was long, but it was beautiful. I got the window seat (Sorry Liz, you’ll get it on the way back!)

First, we experienced a sunset and a sunrise in under 5 hours. Second, was the awesome experience of seeing the innumerable amount of stars. Third, was flying through clouds! So amazing!

And of course, seeing Rome and Athens from the sky was breathtaking!

Surviving the long flight was easy, I had good company, and didn’t have to sit beside a stranger. I slept and read (American Gods by Neil Gaiman) But the one from Rome to Athens was longer. Elizabeth and I were stuck in different seats, and we had to wait because of a tarmac problem.

Arriving in Athens, the first thing I noticed was the HEAT oh man, it is hot and humid here. And the crazy driving!

Thank God I have Elizabeth who speaks Greek, without her I would be so lost. I have learned the basics like Thank you, Sorry, Yes, No, Do you speak English? etc

But Greek is a really hard language to understand and to say!

The effort to learn the language is always appreciated, so I am trying very hard to pronounce everything right!

Stay curious,



The Start

May 1, 2013

Starting a blog is much like staring at a blank page. It is a momentous leap to put ink to paper, a jump to put fingers to keys. This is something that I have wanted to do for a while. I have wanted to travel and I have wanted to write about it. Everything was stopping me from doing it. School. Money. Life.

Then I realized that no matter what I do, or where I go, as long as I feel as if it is an adventure, then it is.

Life is what I make of it.

Going to school for journalism has taught me a few things; one of which is that I have a natural curiosity for everything. Curiosity fuels the passion; so in order to enjoy life, you have to stay curious.

So here is to life, and here is to travelling.

This blog will be all of my thoughts, experiences, and photos from my travelling experiences.

Enjoy the ride.

Stay curious,

– Olivia