Travel favourites: July 2016

July 2016 Travel Favourites

Thanks for checking out ‘Travel Favourites’, a collection of posts, Instagrams, news, links, products and other great stuff I’ve gathered to share with you each month.

Featured post

I am so happy to announce that I have finally jumped in with both feet into my travel writing dream. I ~officially~ launched my website earlier this month after YEARS of wanting to do just this. I’ve been putting off my dreams for a whole host of excuses, so NO FEAR right?!

Read more of my leap here:

Olivia hiking with quote: The wild is calling and I must go.

Favourite Instagram posts

I got to say, Instagram is my favourite social media platform. I just fall head-over-heels for all of the beautiful travel photos shared by people all over the world.

If you don’t already follow me, you should do so and check out my top photos from July:

Beautiful #CentreIsland #Toronto

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Favourite travel news

New Leaf – Hey Canadians, have you heard that there’s a new cheap travel company in town? This airline/ travel company is offering cheap flights between second-tier airports. I can’t wait to check this out when planning for Canadian trips.

Embarq – Want other people to pay for your trip? Well, Air Canada thinks so too. It recently launched Embarq, a way to crowdfund your next trip. Interesting to keep in mind for that next jet-setting adventure.

New UNESCO Sites – UNESCO announced 21 new world heritage sites, including a new one in Newfoundland!

Favourite travel links and products

New Tab travel – What feeds your wanderlusty-spirit more than staring at beautiful photos of places around the world? I have Momentum, a photo-based new tab dashboard for Chrome.

Canadian Geographic photo contest – One of the best magazines, Canadian Geographic, is holding their annual photography contest. Enter your photos in the following categories: Canadian parks, Exploration and Adventure, Canada’s North, Urban Canada, Flora and Fauna, and First nations to win photography gear and other great prizes. Contest closes Sept. 28!

Travel Stories – People travel for many different reasons, some find reasons during their travels. Here are 24 travel stories about ways travel has changed them.

Coming up

Get ready for some awesome posts about Quebec City. I’m spending four days in this beautiful city and I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it.

That’s it for now. Until next time, stay curious,


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