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Best Gifts for Outdoorsy People – Gifts for Campers, Hikers and Adventure Travellers

If you have an outdoor lover in your life, then you’ve hit the jackpot! There are so many incredible gift ideas for hikers, campers and adventure travellers out there. This list of best gifts for outdoorsy people will help you pick the perfect present, whether for the holidays or a birthday!

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There are so many incredible gift ideas for hikers, campers and adventure travellers out there. This list of best gifts for outdoorsy people will help you pick the perfect present. | My Wandering Voyage Travel Blog #giftideas #Travelgifts #OutdoorGifts #Camping #Hiking #Travel

Best Gifts for Outdoorsy People

If you’re an outdoor lover, this list of best gifts for outdoorsy people will serve as a printable list you can give to those who ask you “What do you want for Christmas?!” Or maybe you’re an outdoorsy person and are looking to take advantage of the amazing deals this time of year!

Either way, you’ll find a list of awesome gift ideas for outdoor lovers that I personally enjoy (hey, I love the outdoors too!) or have on my own wish list.

Best Gift Ideas for Hikers

The Best Gifts for Outdoorsy People – Gifts for Campers, Hikers and Adventure Travellers | My Wandering Voyage Travel Blog #giftideas #Travelgifts #OutdoorGifts #Camping #Hiking #Travel

If you’re an avid hiker like me, then these ideas on my “best gifts for outdoorsy-people” list are for you. These gift ideas make hiking more comfortable or more enjoyable!

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Columbia Hiking boots

I hate getting new shoes. Like it’s the freaking worst. However, when I bought these stylish yet functional hiking boots, I have not looked back. They are waterproof (I totally tested them by standing IN A LAKE with them), comfortable (I’ve hiked a lot of kilometres with these bad boys) and dare I say cute AF.

Osprey light backpack

I first discovered this lightweight backpack from a friend. She raved about it so much that I bought one too and now I can’t stop raving about it. It’s simple enough with just two zippered pockets, but it also has a rain cover, a chest and waist strap, a breathable lightweight frame and other open pockets.

Osprey water bladder

My last water bladder only lasted a few years because I bought it on the cheap, so I snagged this one from Osprey. It’s super lightweight, has a great shape for sticking in backpacks and has three awesome features that I love: a magnetic clip to hold the straw, a detachable staw that makes feeding it through the backpack opening so much easier, and a wide mouth top-fill opening to make it easier to fill with water.


Buffs are such versatile hiking accessories. They can keep the sun off your neck or scalp, keep your face warm, you can tie back your hair, or use it to cover your ears. Buffs also come in many patterns, so you can never have too many!

Micro spikes

Micro spikes or crampons are a necessity for winter hikers. I used my pair when I went on a wintery hike in Bruce Peninsula National Park and was so glad I brought them. They saved me from falling on my butt a million times with all the ice!

Cotopaxi hip bag

I’m a huge fan of hip packs and I’m so glad they’re back in style. They are super functional and are great for hands free hiking. There are a bunch of different companies you could buy from, but Cotopaxi is a B Corp and gives back with every purchase.

Satellite GPS Messenger

If you’re a solo hiker (or even if you hike in a group), having an emergency check in device is worth it. This past year I read of three people who got lost on hiking in an area that has easy to follow signage and paths. (Someone else got stuck on an ice floe and had to be rescued by a helicopter!) Anyone, anywhere can end up lost. Having something like the Spot Gen4 gives you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Bruce Trail Guide

My favourite trail in Canada is the Bruce Trail. It’s the oldest and longest marked footpath in Canada, running 900kms from Queenstown to Tobermory along the Niagara Escarpment. This guide is your best friend if you want to hike a part or all of the Bruce Trail and it’s 400km+ of side trails!

Hiking log

Shameless plug here, but I think the Hiking Log is a perfect companion for any hiker! After a couple of years of fine-tuning, I turned my hiking log page into a physical book that you can get on Amazon.

This pocket journal helps you document your hikes and keeps track of your outdoor adventures. The Hiking Log is a perfect gift for hikers, campers and nature lovers.

You can track:

  • Trail location
  • Trail start and end points
  • Elevation
  • Total distance and duration
  • Weather conditions
  • Trail type and difficulty
  • Personal trail rating
  • Hiking buddies
  • Trail conditions
  • Observances
  • Plus, plenty of space to document your hike.

The Hiking Logbook features a convenient 5″x8″ size, ideal for your hiking bag; 104 pages with 52 hiking logs, one for every week of the year; thick interior pages; durable cover and the perfect binding for durability.

Mosquito and tick repellent clothing

Last year, I discovered a new enemy: deer flies. While this clothing collection doesn’t necessarily protect against deer flies, it at least keeps away the other insects like mosquitoes and ticks. I really enjoy the lightweight shirt and ball cap.

Wireless earbuds

I can’t wear over-the-ear headphones because they are uncomfortable with my glasses, so I picked up a pair of these in-ear ones from Jaybird. They are awesome. They have such a long life and I rarely have to plug them in. Plus they are waterproof and are built for rugged adventures.

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Best Gifts for Campers

The Best Gifts for Outdoorsy People – Gifts for Campers, Hikers and Adventure Travellers | My Wandering Voyage Travel Blog #giftideas #Travelgifts #OutdoorGifts #Camping #Hiking #Travel

There really are endless gift ideas for campers because there are so many cool gadgets out there that make camping fun. This list of best gifts for outdoorsy people includes practical things to make camping comfortable and fun things to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside for when campers aren’t camping.

Rechargeable headlamp

Rechargeable headlamps have been so useful for camping since you don’t have to bring a bunch of batteries with you. Instead, they can connect to a power bank and you’ll be set. When looking for a headlamp, look for high lumens and long-lasting battery life. This one from Petzl is a good one for those reasons!


I always thought it was unnecessary to have a lantern and a headlamp, but I’ve come around. Lanterns are great for when you play cards after dark and now I don’t go camping without one. I love this traditional-looking one and this practical one.


Coolers are staples for any camping adventure. I’ve gone the cheap route a number of times and have always been disappointed with the quality. For a better-quality cooler, I went with the Woods ARCTIC Roto-Moulded Cooler. I love that it has a light inside! But if I had to choose again, I would choose the Yeti Roadie 24 Hard Cooler! It’s lighter and has more capacity. Plus is can fit a wine bottle standing up. Priorities!

Comfy camping chair

There’s no secret that camping chairs can get uncomfortable after a while. One of the things I picked up this year that I highly recommend for car campers is an oversized camping chair. It makes it easy to relax and curl up with your favourite book by the campfire.

Stanley Adventure 2-Gallon Fast-Flow Water Jug

Stanley is known for making rugged outdoors products and this one is no different. You could get a cheap water jug for camping – you know the one I’m talking about, it’s square, blue and flimsy – or you could invest in this water jug that makes pouring and keeping water cold a breeze!


Pour-over coffee outdoors? Hells yeah! This compostable pour-over coffee kit makes it super easy to have that delicious cup of coffee in nature. All you need is a great mug, some water and a kettle and you’re set!

Yeti mug

I love Yeti! Not because of the brand, but their products are top-notch. I have a couple of their mugs and every time I’m so impressed that the drink is still piping hot almost all day. I also have their tumbler that I use for cold drinks and the ice never melts by the time I’m done with my drink! It’s fantastic.

Solar power bank

A couple of years ago my dad gifted me a power bank. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now and every time I go camping, mine outlasts everyone else’s they bought on the cheap. The one I have is water and dust resistant and even has a solar panel that can help charge it up when you’re outside for long periods of time. Unfortunately, they are completely out of stock (You can find it here if you want to be added to their waiting list). But this one from Goal Zero is comparable. It gives 5-6 charges of your phone, and you can get an additional solar panel to charge up the power bank.

Jackery Portable Battery

Keeping everything charged while camping is one of my biggest challenges. I usually use a power inverter for the 12V carport, but that’s not useful when you’re parked for a while. I discovered the Jackery Portable Batteries and it’s been on my wish list ever since. They come in a range of powers to suit your power needs. All you need is to charge it up and it will last for days, and if you run low, then you can get the solar panels to charge it up! It’s incredible and a total game-changer for car camping

Ontario Parks Swag

In one of the best surprises of 2021, Ontario Parks has launched an online store (FINALLY!) so you can stock up on your favourite Ontario Parks swag, like a fun toque, park stickers, shirts and more!

spirit tree-paddle company - unique gift experiences in ontatio

Spirit Tree Paddle

Paddling more has been one of my goals this year, and I’m so over the generic wooden paddles that you can get anywhere! That’s when I met Jenni, owner of Spirit Tree Paddle Company. She HANDCARVES each paddle! No two are alike, plus, if you want to customize your own with a decorative etching, you can totally do that!

Canada National Park prints

One day while scrolling through TikTok (come join me!) I came across this artist from B.C. that creates the most beautiful art pieces of National Parks in Canada and the US. These make for great gifts for adventure travellers who want to visit all of these gorgeous parks!

Canada Untamed Stickers

For that modern 2-D look, Canada Untamed has incredible Canada Parks prints for many of our gorgeous National Parks. He also makes these into stickers, which makes for a great gift for someone who has visited a lot of these parks!

Park Prints

I am obsessed with the work by Osgoode Company, who makes artwork inspired by the great outdoors. They have this unique style that reminds me of stained glass combined with modern art. I love it! Plus they have so many amazing Ontario and Canada parks to choose from.

Parks Pass

The greatest gift you could give someone who loves being outdoors is a parks pass! You could get a Parks Canada pass that covers the day-pass fees in every parks across the country, or get the Ontario Parks pass that gets you free entry into every provincial park in Ontario.

Campfire Stories

The best part of any camping trip is sitting around the fire after dinner and enjoying nature with good friends. Campfire Stories: Tales from America’s National Parks is a great companion to any late-night campfire. The book brings together tales about our national parks while telling captivating stories that are great for sharing around a fire.

Games for the Outdoors

The second-best part of any camping trip is playing board games with friends. I feel like I’ve played them all! Two games that are so much fun to play while camping are Ravine and Parks. Ravine is an interactive game with one goal: survive. You have to work together to make it, but maybe not everyone is on your side and maybe the night makes you go a little crazy! Parks is a beautiful game about America’s national parks. Collect points and travel through the US’s most beautiful natural areas to win the game.

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Best Gift for People Who Are Always Cold

The Best Gifts for Outdoorsy People – Gifts for Campers, Hikers and Adventure Travellers | My Wandering Voyage Travel Blog #giftideas #Travelgifts #OutdoorGifts #Camping #Hiking #Travel

It wouldn’t be a list of best gifts for outdoorsy people without mentioning the multiple ways to stay warm while enjoying nature. There’s always one person in your life that is always cold, even in the middle of summer. These gifts are perfect for them so you never have to hear them shiver again!

Hand/toe warmers

Hand and toe warmers are the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who runs cold. They can stick in your boots, your pockets or even your mittens to keep all your phalanges warm!

Heated jacket

Who wouldn’t want a jacket that is not only warm but also heated?! Goodbye cold weather, hello warmth all the time. Ororo Wear offers so many different styles of heated jackets, from simple fleece to full parkas! They also have heated vests that you can wear under your coat! The batteries last about 10 hours, which is more than enough time spent outside in the snow!

Thermarest Honcho Poncho

You may look ridiculous, but you’ll never complain about being cold again with the Thermarest Honcho Poncho. This insulated poncho doubles as a blanket, to keep you toasty all the time. It’s water-resistant, has a pocket for snacks and packs up into a small bag so you can bring it everywhere!

Wool socks

Wool is a superior fabric when it comes to staying warm. It keeps you toasty all while wicking away moisture. Pick up a pair of Smartwool socks or Darn Tough socks because I think we can admit that as adults, getting socks for Christmas is actually the best.

Camp blanket

I love bringing a blanket with me when camping! It’s great for when the sun goes down or there’s a chill in the air. Packable blankets like Rumpl, make that super easy! They come in fun patterns, are super lightweight and keep you warm! What more could you ask for?

Best Gifts for Winter Lovers

The Best Gifts for Outdoorsy People – Gifts for Campers, Hikers and Adventure Travellers | My Wandering Voyage Travel Blog #giftideas #Travelgifts #OutdoorGifts #Camping #Hiking #Travel

For most outdoor-lovers, winter doesn’t mean staying inside wishing it was warmer. No! Outdoor-lovers get out and embrace the winter (especially in Canada, when winter lasts half the year!) This list of best gifts for outdoorsy people will inspire you to get the perfect gift for the winter-lover in your life.

Fleece sweater

In the winter, there’s nothing better than fleece. It’s soft, it’s cozy and it keeps you hella warm! I love this fleece sweater from Patagonia, it’s cute and comfy! If you’re looking for extended sizes, MEC makes a great fleece sweater that’s reversible!


Thermal layers are key to staying warm and moisture-free during winter activities. Base Layers should be a staple for any winter-lover’s closet and you can never have too many pairs! Look for thermal base layers made from merino wool for the best protection.

Fleece Buff

I’ve already mentioned that Buffs are a great hiking accessory. If you add a bit of fleece lining then you’ve got yourself a cozy winter accessory that will keep your neck, head and ears warm. The Buff Polar Neckwear is a great accessory for any winter lover!


Snowshoes are a great splurge gift for anyone who loves winter! You’ll want to look for lightweight ones that are the right length for people’s weight and the type of snowshoeing they will be doing. For example, if you are going to be going through fluffy snow or if you’re always going to be carrying a bag, then the larger snowshoe you’ll want.

Trekking poles

I highly recommend getting trekking poles if you snowshoe often. They help stabilize you in the uneven ground and they will help take pressure off your knees and back. Plus, if you fall down, you’ll have something to help you right yourself again!

For Adventure Travellers

The Best Gifts for Outdoorsy People – Gifts for Campers, Hikers and Adventure Travellers | My Wandering Voyage Travel Blog #giftideas #Travelgifts #OutdoorGifts #Camping #Hiking #Travel

Ah, adventure travellers! They’re always on the go, looking to lighten their packs, and head wherever the wind takes them. Buying presents can be tricky, but the best gifts for outdoorsy people who are adventure travellers are the ones that are practical, lightweight and feed into their wanderlust.

Packable down jacket

Cold weather can strike at any time, which is why a packable down (or synthetic) jacket can make a real difference. These jackets are lightweight and pack down into a water bottle-sized bag.

Packable rain jacket

Packable rain jackets are also a great addition to any adventure travellers’ bag. You never know when you’ll need it, so it’s nice to have a rain jacket on hand. This one folds up nice and small!

Filter water bottle

Get clean water on the go with LifeStraw’s stainless steel filtered water bottle. It keeps water cold and filters out 99.99999% of waterborne bacteria. It’s a great addition to anyone who is adventuring outside or abroad.

Clip Speaker

A little Bluetooth speaker with great audio and is waterproof and dustproof? Heck ya! The JBL Clip 4 speaker comes in so many fun colours, has a built-in carabiner, has a long battery life and is waterproof!

Cabin Stay

There are so many delightful places to stay in Ontario, from A-frame tiny homes to cabins in the woods! Why not book a couple of nights at Cabinscape, the coolest cabin company in Ontario. They’ve got a ton of places scattered through Muskoka, the Kawarthas and more. They’re perfect for two!

The Adventure Challenge

If you’re looking for something for your adventurous significant other, then the Adventure Challenge is for you! The scratch-off book gives 50 date ideas for adventurous couples to get out there, have fun and enjoy each other.

Roaming America

Don’t you just get that feeling like you want to sell everything, buy a van, and just explore the continent? Ya, me too! Well, Roaming America will help feel that wanderlusty soul of yours. This book is about a seven-month journey to every national park in the USA. It tells a story through breathtaking imagery and musings from the road that will set your wanderlust into overdrive.

Subpar Parks

The last book recommendation tells you everything amazing about National Parks in the US, but not everyone enjoyed them. Read this hilarious book about people who were not only unimpressed with America’s breathtaking scenery but also took the time to leave a bad review.

Since there are so many incredible gift ideas for hikers, campers and adventure travellers, I hope this list of best first for outdoorsy people will help you check off your outdoor-loving person off your Christmas list.

There are so many incredible gift ideas for hikers, campers and adventure travellers out there. This list of best gifts for outdoorsy people will help you pick the perfect present. | My Wandering Voyage Travel Blog #giftideas #Travelgifts #OutdoorGifts #Camping #Hiking #Travel
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