What to eat in Quebec City

August 22, 2016
What to eat in Quebec City | My Wandering Voyage Travel Blog

The one thing I could not shut up about in Quebec City was the food. I don’t know what restaurant was my favourite because holy guacamole, they were all wonderful.

In truth, I did some research before I left for the historic city. I wanted to get an idea of where to eat in Quebec City. It’s what I do, I plan. But I ended up changing quite a few items on my itinerary, even the restaurants.

The great thing about travelling solo was I could eat wherever – I’m not picky – and eat when I wanted. Not hungry? Cool.

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My Wandering Post Card

Cypress Hills, Canada – Wandering Postcard

August 19, 2016
Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan Canada - Wandering Postcard | My Wandering Voyage Travel Blog

This week’s Wandering Postcard comes from Cypress Hills in Saskatchewan Canada.

I’m starting a global movement to connect with travellers all over the world. My dream is to see the world, but together we already have.

I’ve launched My Wandering Postcard, a global virtual postcard project to connect people from all over the world through photographs.

I would love for you to participate.

Send your travel-related photo with your name and location and I’ll post it here. Let’s collect as many cities and towns around the world and see where these postcards take us.

Connect with me and explore the world.

Send me your Wandering Postcard here.


Don’t waste your vacation days, use them

August 17, 2016
Don't waste your vacation days | My Wandering Voyage Travel Blog

While the amount of time off depends on what country you work in and the company you work for, vacation days are essential for any traveller that still works full time.

While it may be the dream for some to be a digital nomad or a full-time traveller, for others, it’s just not possible. Especially, when you love your job, but still want to travel.

In Ontario, we have a mandated two-week vacation. That translates to 10 days in my job. How much of the world can you see in 10 days, you ask? Just enough to keep my travel bug bite satisfyingly itched.

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Why you should explore Saskatchewan

August 11, 2016
Why you should explore Saskatchewan My Wandering Voyage

Everybody likes to joke about Saskatchewan – “You can watch your dog run away for three days!”- and most like to fly from eastern Canada to western Canada to avoid the long straight, flat prairies in between.

But if you step off the beaten path – aka The Trans Canada Highway – you discover a place far more complex than the reputation suggests.

From the gorgeous boreal forests that make up the northern half of the province to the roving grasslands of the south, Saskatchewan is full of surprises.

saskatchewan grain at sunset

Whether you take the Yellowhead Highway, Red Coat Trail, or the Trans Canada Highway, there’s a lot to see and do in “the Land of Living Skies.”

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Three days in Quebec City

August 4, 2016
three days in quebec city

My feet hit the cobblestone street, a little sore from the day’s walk. I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going, my eyes moving back and forth from the beautiful doors to the flower boxes hanging from windows to the gorgeous roofs of the historic buildings. I looked around and realized I made it to my destination, Place Royale, the embodiment of Old Quebec City.

Within its fortifications, Quebec City allows you to be immersed in the rich culture that still thrives over 400 years later. Je Me Souviens (I remember), the motto for the province and for the only Francophone military regiment in Canada, is a motto that is embraced by the residents of Quebec.

They remember their French heritage as well as the struggle and sacrifices made throughout the years.

Founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain, Vieux-Quebec (Old Quebec) is the only fortified city in North America north of Mexico whose walls still exist. It was named as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1985. In Quebec City, you’ll stumble upon history that shaped Canada to the country it is today.

Old Quebec City Quebec Flag

Recently, Travel+Leisure named Quebec City the best tourist destination in Canada. It is easy to see how the city, with its European feel and historical charm, beat out other top cities like Toronto and Vancouver.

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Travel favourites: July 2016

July 31, 2016
July 2016 Travel Favourites

Thanks for checking out ‘Travel Favourites’, a collection of posts, Instagrams, news, links, products and other great stuff I’ve gathered to share with you each month.

Featured post

I am so happy to announce that I have finally jumped in with both feet into my travel writing dream. I ~officially~ launched my website earlier this month after YEARS of wanting to do just this. I’ve been putting off my dreams for a whole host of excuses, so NO FEAR right?!

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Travel Packing

What to pack for a weekend getaway in Quebec City

July 29, 2016
what to pack for a weekend getaway to quebec city

Long weekends in summertime are a perfect opportunity to get away. That extra day makes a world of difference, even giving you the opportunity to hop on a plane for a weekend getaway.

I need this trip to Quebec City, so badly, but I also need to be super organized with the little time I have. Let’s not worry about what to wear and instead, focus on being present in the historical city.

I tend to be on the light side of packing. I don’t bring a lot of clothes, but I don’t skimp either. The way I do this is to plan outfits. Sounds overly-organized sure, but it allows me to figure out how many items of clothing to bring.

Packing for weekend getaway in Quebec City

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Five reasons to love Jamaica

July 23, 2016
My Wandering Voyage: 5 Reasons to Love Jamaica

For those sun-seekers out there, the Caribbean offers many fabulous islands to choose. Those tropical, beach-lined, wonderful islands – like Jamaica – are where you want to go to get away from it all. Wait, does anyone else have Kokomo by the Beach Boys stuck in their head?

While there is more to see on the islands past the resort walls, there is no denying the alluring power of those all-inclusive resorts. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to be pampered by the pool staring at the ocean?

Of all the islands I’ve explored, Jamaica is a delight. I mean, what’s not to love? Just look.

Jamaica cityscape

The all-inclusive trip I went on was something out of the ordinary for me. An opportunity arose and I took it. Eight of us stayed at Royalton White Sands resort near Montego Bay and it was a dream.

I didn’t plan, I didn’t research. I just let everything happen and I enjoyed it oh-so-very-much.

The whole island was just an amazing experience.

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Backyard Adventures

A day of everything lavender – Backyard Adventure

July 15, 2016
A day of everything lavender festival

.As I’ve expressed before, I actively take advantage of my mini two-day vacations – also known as the weekend – in order to scratch the travel bug itch while working full time. These mini-vacations are what I call backyard adventures.

Of all of the edible flowers, lavender has to be my favourite. I jumped at the chance to head to Niagara-on-the-Lake for the 2016 NEOB Lavender Festival – a festival all about that little purple plant.

lavender fields festival

I may or may not have lavender detergent, lavender hand soap, dish soap, body wash, perfume and more. Don’t judge, I said it was my favourite.

Whether you love the look or the smell, lavender is more than just fragrance. It can help with anxiety, sleep and of course you can add it to food for a fresh, earthy taste.

The festival offered two ways to enjoy the grounds. The island hopper pass allowed attendees to scope out the festival with a couple of treats for $5 and the second option, the world traveller, was $15 for all the items.

So what exactly do you do at a Lavender Festival?

Frolic in the lavender fields

Lavender starts blooming around June or July, so the festival was placed perfectly for optimal frolicking. Run your hands through the bushes or sit and watch the bees dance around the flowers.

frolic in the lavender fields

Eat lavender items

Have you heard of lavender flatbread? Or lavender lemongrass square? How about ice cream with lavender syrup?

That’s right, if you like looking at the flower and smelling the flower then why not eat it right?

The festival offered the aforementioned items as well as delicious lavender root beer and a lavender Japanese raindrop cake.

Haven’t heard of raindrop cake? Well, it’s made of mineral water and agar and is like eating a solid, jello-y raindrop aka: like eating nothing. My reaction: “Slimy yet satisfying” (#LionKingReference)

Rounding the day off with a lavender macaron, truffle, and cheesecake, my stomach was as happy as a lavender coloured clam.

Lavender rootbeer Lavender Festival Lavender festival raindrop cake

Cut your own lavender

Before I realized I could cut my own bouquet, I had one handed to me. It now sits in a vase on my bookshelf. I got roped in by its aroma and caved to buy culinary lavender, pillow spray for better zzz’s, shea butter to lather up, and lavender honey.

The fields were open for those adventurers who wanted only the freshest of lavender.

You could also roam the vendors selling amazingly unique items, attend a lavender related workshop or join a tour of the greenhouses.

lavender fields bee

I was very impressed by the festival, which is only a couple of years old. The organizers stated there were 7,000 people in attendance during the weekend; so obviously, I’m not the only one obsessed with lavender.

What has been the most interesting or unique festival you’ve attended?


My 2016 travel plans

July 11, 2016
my 2016 travel plans to

It’s July but I’m just starting to make my 2016 travel plans.

We’re in the midst of the dog days of summer here in Southern Ontario, where evenings and weekends are blocked out for relaxing, soaking up the precious sun, and jumping into the nearest body of water.

Summer days in Canada should be treasured. I like to spend them in my hometown and surrounding area.

All packed and ready to go! #vacation #backpacking #Greece #sun

A photo posted by Olivia Rutt (@olirutt) on

In the remaining six months of 2016, there’s so much to see and do! Here is what you can expect on my site, Facebook, and Instagram in the coming months.

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