Let’s Work Together

Olivia Hiking, captioned: Let's Work Together On Your Next Project

I absolutely love working with others, but in the end, I will make the final decision on who I work with. I would also like to take this opportunity to say I think it is very important to disclose any affiliates and paid gigs. Thank you for your interest! I’m so excited that you are here. Whether you came to this page because you’re looking for a writer on your next project or you’re hoping to join in on the fun here at My Wandering Voyage, this is the right place.

Why me?

I’ve been working in the journalism field for a number of years. I’ve worked at newspapers, magazines and more! I’m experienced in writing concise articles using CP style. With this experience, I have seen businesses try new and creative ways to promote themselves. But what I have seen succeed over and over again is word of mouth. In this global era, bloggers are the best way to have that same effect.

Let’s be a team

My goal is to promote finding adventure in your backyard and beyond. You want to promote your travel or tourism related product, service or business. Why wouldn’t we work together?

What I can do for you:

  • Reviews
  • Activity or Trip Promotion
  • Writing and Social Media Campaigns
  • Ambassador for your business
  • And more!

Together, we can work to find out the best way to tackle your idea. I can offer a prescribed amount of blogs, social media posts, along with photography and videography. Contact me for more information about this opportunity.

Freelance Writing

Do you need writing for your website, magazine or any travel-related project? I can help you. I’ve enjoyed writing articles and blog posts for a number of years now. I can work with you on your idea, providing copy based on your needs.

I have been working in the media world since 2009 (check me out on Linkedin). This means I can provide you with a satisfying, one-of-a-kind product by an agreed deadline.

Contact me with any questions you have.


There are plenty of opportunities for advertising on My Wandering Voyage such as ad spaces on the website and newsletters, affiliate links, promoted content within posts, featured posts and featured blogs (reserved for other bloggers). Contact me for more information.

My readers

I LOVE my readers. They are a loyal following that provide me the opportunity to express myself creatively with information that I believe helps them in their search for adventure.