About Me

Olivia with quote: Working 9 to 5 and have a design to see the world? Ya, me too.

Look, we can’t all be travel nomads, no matter how amazing it sounds. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up on our travel dreams right?

Picture this.

A five week old baby as happy as a clam in the back of a car heading to Florida. That little  baby was me, Olivia, on my first trip. I had some unique opportunities to go back to Florida, Key West, Bahamas. I was able to see most of the United States and Canada before I was 16.

Photo collage of Olivia

But then it stopped. Time ran out, studies came first, then I was off to university. I was studying my butt off, graduating with two degrees and a minor, all with distinction (high-five me!)

But I felt really stuck.

I took off to Alberta to fulfill a short term dream. I started taking my adventures to new heights. Literally. What an adventure. But then I came back and fell into a rut. (Haha, Rutt) I started living for my weekends. I embraced those two day holidays.

I started hiking and exploring my own Ontario backyard.

Olivia hikingSure I couldn’t travel 6 months to Europe, I didn’t want to risk the amazing career I was building, but boy did I want to.

I stopped dwelling on the stuff I couldn’t do and started embracing the things I could do.

I believe in staying curious and being everyday explorers. I believe we can all be explorers.

This blog is for all those who are travel dreamers. Exploring isn’t just about travel to (insert your dream destination here), it’s about being open to the places around you. So go check out that place you’ve always wanted to go, but never found the time. Take that weekend trip to (wherever you want). Go to that (festival or event) that you’ve had your eye on. Let’s go exploring!

Olivia outdoors in silhouette Random nubbins of information:

I fully embrace my Sagittarius’ longing for adventure and truth.

My favourite word is curiosity. (My favourite saying: ‘Stay Curious’)

My goal is to read as many books in a year as my age.

My favourite animal is the Kermode bear! All bears really.

I heart bucket lists (I’ve even been interviewed about them)

I have a degree in journalism, environmental studies and videography and graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with distinction.

I hail from rural southwestern Ontario.

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