The Mediterranean and Athens by Moonlight

May 21, 2013

Wow. Day two is a win.

Stuck my feet in/ went swimming in the Mediterranean. It was cold but refreshing. It was hard to get into because of the rocks, but Elizabeth and I had an awesome time lounging on the hot lava-like beach. I learned that hiding your phone from the sun will not protect it from the heat and that phones can have heat strokes. The water was refreshing from the hot steamy day, and we actually managed to find ourselves in a Starbucks, which was a moment of comfort.

This afternoon we met up with Elizabeth’s cousin who said she wanted to take us to her favourite spot in Athens. First, we walked around the Monastiraki, which is a bunch of pedestrian streets with vendors selling all sorts of things and trinkets. Walking along those cobblestone streets was a tremendous experience! Once the sun set, it was like magic as the lights came out and everything came alive. We decided to grab a couple drinks and walk hike up the hill to sit under the Acropolis. I don’t know what I expected, but it definitely was not this. A 360 degree panorama of Athens, with the ruins scattered across the city all lit up and the majestic Acropolis standing guard over it all. No pictures will ever be able to capture the beauty that I saw tonight. (Although, I have tried to include one to show.)

One heartbreaker is that it looks like visiting Meteora and Olympia are not in the cards for us. We are desperately trying to find somewhere else to go to get the sightseeing in before we go island hopping.

Here is a taste of what I saw tonight, which does not do it justice.

IMG_6876 (Small)

Stay curious,

– Olivia

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