The most beautiful days

May 24, 2013

Day four and five of our trip have been so relaxing. We have been going pretty hard with excursions so we wanted to take it easy these two days. Yesterday, we read on our balcony for most of the day and headed to the beach for sunset and some shopping. Glyfada, the city we are staying in, has beautiful beaches and nice shopping.

So, we found a seaside cafe to watch the sunset, ordered some delicious cheap food and (of course) Frappe. It was a bit chilly (the wind really picked up), but the sunset over the water was gorgeous.

Glyfada is made for the shopping scene, and fashion-conscious Elizabeth found some redonkulous pants. Actually, I have noticed a really nice trend here: flowy, bright, patterned pants and a plain top. It quite beautiful, and I am on the lookout for pants of my own.

Today we decided to spend the day at the beach. Heleni (family) brought us to a beach a bit farther away from the city centre, but it was worth it. We spent nearly all day there swimming and relaxing.

Off to Athens now, staying at Elizabeth’s cousin’s place and heading out really early for a three day excursion to Olympia!

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