Whale watching in Victoria, BC

June 7, 2018
Whale watching is one of the best experiences to have in British Columbia. With so many whales calling the Salish Sea home, it’s the best place to view Orcas in their natural habitat. Take a whale watching tour with Eagle Wing Whale and Wildlife Watching Tours. | My Wandering Voyage travel blog
Silence. The motor of the boat has been cut, and you drift, bobbing with the waves in the Pacific Ocean. You’re surrounded by blue, and you can see mountains in the distance. But that’s not what you are here for. You are waiting, silently, scanning the water for a sign from the top predator of the ocean: the orca. Whale watching is a huge draw for visitors in British Columbia, and there are no questions as to why: seeing these beautiful marine mammals in the wild is an incredible experience.Continue Reading

The best of Reykjavik, Iceland

April 28, 2018
Best of Reykjavik, Iceland | Visit Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavik. Find the best places to the eat, see and explore in this nordic town. Discover the best of Reykjavik, Iceland | My Wandering Voyage travel blog
There is no doubt that Iceland is exploding with popularity and there are a hundred reasons why. From the cheap flights to the stunning landscape, Iceland is toppling many travellers’ wish lists. Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city, is one of those reasons. I’ve rounded up some of the best of Reykjavik, including eating, seeing and touring. And yes, this list is totally subjective, so please comment below about your favourite place in the city!Continue Reading

Top 12 things to do in Iceland

April 21, 2018
Top things to do in Iceland | Iceland is on everyone’s bucket list, so here are the best experiences to have during a visit to Iceland. From the landscape to the food to the unbeatable views, there are so many amazing and unique things to do in Iceland | My Wandering Voyage travel blog
Iceland has become a number one destination for many people. It was on my bucket list for a while before I decided – let’s do it! During my ten-day trip, I saw and did as much as I could. Here are twelve things to do in Iceland to make your next trip there unforgettable.Continue Reading