Travel favourites: September 2016

September Travel Favourites | My Wandering Voyage travel blog

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Authentic room at Le Monestere des Augustines monastery | My Wandering Voyage travel blog

I’m definitely still talking about my amazing Quebec trip! It was a stellar beginning to my solo travelling dream. I talked about the delicious food and the highlights of my trip, but I jumped outside the box and stayed at an old monastery. You can read all about it here.

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Favourite travel news:

Travelling while working full time is totally possible, people do it all the time. But making the most out of your trips and how to feel like you’re not missing out on experiences. Read this awesome article about doing just that.

Wandering Postcard – I’ve launched a global movement of collecting virtual postcards from readers and travellers. It may be my dream to see the world, but together we already have. Submit your postcard here.

Finding beauty in travel is not bound by age. Meet the oldest backpacker. This man was 82 when this article was written about him. He has seen over 30 years on the road. A true wild spirit. Make sure to read part one and two!

Favourite travel links and products:

Google Trips – Google just launched this amazing app for travellers! It organizes everything from reservations, flights, hotel, and more. It also offers suggestions and custom itineraries for you. The best part is you can use it offline, once the trip is built.

UNESCO – You may know that my dream is to see every UNESCO site in the world. Sure I haven’t checked many off… yet. This guy’s dream is also to see every UNESCO site and he’s definitely seen a lot!

Travel Planning – What’s the best place for travel planning resources? Where do you get all your ideas for planning, sightseeing, and tips? I start with Pinterest. There is a plethora of information on Pinterest and is such a great resource. You can check out my travel boards here.

Coming up:

I had some bad news in the family in late August. While everything is okay now, it meant that our family trip to Vermont was cancelled. I was bummed, but hey, that’s life. However, it opens up an opportunity for Christmas. No plans are final, but I’ll update as soon as it is.


September travel favourites | My Wandering Voyage travel blog

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