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Lunersee, Austria – Wandering Postcard

April 9, 2017
Lunersee in Austria - Wandering Postcard | My Wandering Voyage Travel Blog

This week’s Wandering Postcard comes from Audrey who took this fantastic picture of Lunersee in Austria.

Thanks so much to Audrey for sending this in!

I’m starting a global movement to connect with travellers all over the world. My dream is to see the world, but together we already have.

I’ve launched My Wandering Postcard, a global virtual postcard project to connect people from all over the world through photographs.

I would love for you to participate.

Send your travel-related photo with your name and location, and I’ll post it here. Let’s collect as many cities and towns around the world and see where these postcards take us.

Connect with me and explore the world.

Send me your Wandering Postcard here.

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