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Following my travel dreams while working full-time

July 8, 2016
Landscape with travel quote: Take me anywhere

No fear. Just jump.

That’s what I told myself when I decided to tackle my biggest dream.

You may have noticed a few changes to this website (thanks to my wonderful web designer: Candice) because I decided to jump with both feet and become a travel writer.

Looking at the pictures of #Jamaica reminds me of the week of #luxury #gratitude30 #day27

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While I still work 9 to 5, I am so pumped to start writing about the places I go and the things I do.

I’ve been bitten by the travel bug and a full-time job doesn’t quell that.

This blog is for all those who are travel dreamers. Exploring isn’t just about travel to (insert your dream destination here), it’s about being open to the places around you. This blog explores all places, from around the world destinations to digging deep into my backyard playground.

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May Favourites – Big adventures across Canada

May 30, 2015

Favourite Adventure

Needless to say, my seventh road trip across Canada has been my greatest adventure for May. Not only did I get to drive across this beautiful country, but I saw amazing places I had never seen before. Of all the adventures we got ourselves into along the trip, my favourite had to be Dinosaur Provincial Park, in Alberta.

The prairies opened up before us and BAM! We were in the middle of the desert badlands! You could see the different prehistoric eras in the rock and almost picture dinosaurs roaming the valley.

Standing at the rim of the valley, feeling the warm prairie wind, was a humbling experience.

Favourite Things

Accessories for every traveller – Seriously though, that scarf seems handy!

Paracord – A friend made me a purple and grey paracord bracelet, now I think everything needs to be made from paracord!

Episode calendar – Left for a vacation and forgot what episode you were on when you got back? Handy dandy tool right here.

The Bear – Ha! I made the mistake of starting to read this over my camping trip. Terrifying and beautiful.

Favourite Instagram Photos

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Favourite Tune


Stay Curious!

– O