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10 things to do in Toronto for first timers

May 17, 2017

Toronto never seemed to me like a place to travel to, until I started travelling to other countries. People from all over the world want to know what to do and see within Canada’s biggest (but not capital!) city. I can see the attraction of the city: it’s large, there are lots of things to do, it’s by Lake Ontario, it’s multicultural.

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Surviving a long flight and learning the language

May 20, 2013

Okay. 24 hours to be awake isn’t fun, but not to worry, I survived!

The plane ride from Toronto to Rome was long, but it was beautiful. I got the window seat (Sorry Liz, you’ll get it on the way back!)

First, we experienced a sunset and a sunrise in under 5 hours. Second, was the awesome experience of seeing the innumerable amount of stars. Third, was flying through clouds! So amazing!

And of course, seeing Rome and Athens from the sky was breathtaking!

Surviving the long flight was easy, I had good company, and didn’t have to sit beside a stranger. I slept and read (American Gods by Neil Gaiman) But the one from Rome to Athens was longer. Elizabeth and I were stuck in different seats, and we had to wait because of a tarmac problem.

Arriving in Athens, the first thing I noticed was the HEAT oh man, it is hot and humid here. And the crazy driving!

Thank God I have Elizabeth who speaks Greek, without her I would be so lost. I have learned the basics like Thank you, Sorry, Yes, No, Do you speak English? etc

But Greek is a really hard language to understand and to say!

The effort to learn the language is always appreciated, so I am trying very hard to pronounce everything right!

Stay curious,