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Paddle the Grand River – The best things to do in Paris, Ontario and Brant County

September 10, 2019
Enjoy a peaceful paddle down the Grand River, then explore the best things to do in Paris, Ontario, Canada and area with this ultimate guide to Brant County and the Brant Blue Canoe Experience. #GoodTimesInBrant #BrantCounty #ParisOntario #Ontario #Travel | My Wandering Voyage Travel Blog

Grab a paddle; it’s time to cast off and enjoy the peaceful pace of the Grand River through a lovely paddling trip. Take advantage of the Brant Blue Canoe Experience when you book an adventure through a Brant County outfitter and receive tokens to use in Paris, St. George, Glen Morris and more. Turn your paddling adventure into a small-town experience with this ultimate guide of the best things to do in Paris, Ontario and Brant County.

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Backyard Adventures Canada

Enjoy small-town charm in Elora, Ontario – the ultimate list of things to do in Elora

February 24, 2019
The ultimate list of things to do in Elora, Ontario. Visit Elora for its small town charm, natural beauty and one-of-a-kind shops and restaurants | My Wandering Voyage travel blog

In small towns across Ontario, you’ll see a mix of quaint shops, natural beauty and an abundance of hospitality. Elora is just one of those towns. From the one-of-a-kind local shops to the incredible beauty of the raging Grand River, Elora has that small town charm that people come from all over to explore. Now you can too! Here are all the things to do in Elora to soak up the small town charm and leave happy and refreshed.

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Backyard Adventures

A day of everything lavender – Backyard Adventure

July 15, 2016
A day of everything lavender festival

As I’ve expressed before, I actively take advantage of my mini two-day vacations – also known as the weekend – in order to scratch the travel bug itch while working full time. These mini-vacations are what I call backyard adventures.

Of all of the edible flowers, lavender has to be my favourite. I jumped at the chance to head to Niagara-on-the-Lake for the 2016 NEOB Lavender Festival – a festival all about that little purple plant.

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Backyard Adventures Canada

My 10 favorite things about Fall

October 30, 2014

Fall is without a doubt the best season. I can work through my brain fog of allergies to enjoy the gorgeous and breathtaking wonders of fall.

This fall, I have had the privilege of spending it on both sides of the country. Ontario still is #1 when it comes to the amazing colours.

Here is a list of my favourite things about Fall and a few pictures too look at along the way.

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