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Everything you need to know about Pukaskwa National Park [+ hiking guide]

September 24, 2020
Discover Pukaskwa National Park, the least visited national park in eastern Canada. This guide to Pukaskwa National Park explores everything you need to know about hiking, camping and enjoying this stunning park (and even how to get to the famous White River Suspension Bridge). |My Wandering Voyage travel blog #Pukaskwa #NationalPark #Canada

Of the six national parks that call Ontario home, Pukaskwa National Park feels the most remote. Located on the shores of Lake Superior and surrounded by thousands of square kilometres of forest, it truly feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere. This guide to Pukaskwa National Park explores everything you need to know about hiking, camping and enjoying this stunning park (and even how to get to the famous White River Suspension Bridge). With ample hiking opportunities and gorgeous landscapes, you won’t want to miss this spectacular park.

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The Best Nature Books for your Next Adventure in the Great Outdoors

July 25, 2020
This list of best nature books includes memoirs, biographies, fiction, how-to books and guidebooks. Escape into nature with this list of 38 books about the great outdoors | My Wandering Voyage travel blog #books #GreatOutdoors #Hiking #NatureBooks #Readings

There’s nothing better than kicking back, with your tent set up, campfire going and the stars up above you. Sometimes, though, it’s not always possible to get outside and live the good life. Reading, for me, is a form of escapism, and when life gets tough or stressful, all I want to do is pick up a book and escape to a new world, especially when it’s one of the best nature books.

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Hiking the Bruce Trail: 14 incredible side trails to explore

March 20, 2020
Looking to get outside for fresh air? Looking to start hiking the Bruce Trail and not sure where to start? These 14 side trails are the perfect way to explore the Bruce Trail. | My Wandering Voyage travel blog #BruceTrail #Hiking #Ontario #Canada

The Bruce Trail is Ontario’s most famous trail. Following the Niagara Escarpment, it weaves nearly 900kms from Niagara to Tobermory. Hiking the Bruce Trail end to end has been on my bucket list for years, but it takes about a month. The side trails offer a taste of what the main trail is like, and it provides ample opportunity to explore some of Ontario’s best natural history.

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Ultimate list of books and destinations for a Canadian road trip

April 9, 2017

With the start of summer just around the corner, Canadians like to pack up the car and hit the road. Canada’s a big place so while you’re not at the wheel, dig into a book and read about the places you will fly by on your Canadian road trip.

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5 Ontario Trails to hike this Fall

October 9, 2016
Ontario Trail to Hike this Fall | My Wandering Voyage travel blog

October is here; the wind gets chilly, and the sun hides more often than it is found. It’s time to break out the sweaters and curl up next to the fireplace inside. WRONG! It’s time to get outside. Don’t put away those hiking boots; there is a beautiful Ontario trail waiting for you to explore!

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Why you Should use a Hiking Log for your Adventures

April 14, 2015
Use a hiking log for your next hike to record what you see on your adventures | My Wandering Voyage Travel Blog

Get your free hiking log below!

Who would Lewis and Clark, or Marco Polo, or Ferdinand Magellan be without record keeping? Their discoveries and accomplishments would be lost over time (even though Magellan had someone write for him). Writing down your discoveries, observations and record of your hike in a hiking log can be beneficial.

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