I was interviewed for my bucket list

September 2, 2014

Aren’t having bucket lists great? I think so. That’s why I have one.

I was recently interviewed by The Sputnik, a paper I used to work for at Laurier Brantford, for an article on bucket lists. I was so happy to share some of my philosophy of making them, why they are great, and crossing an item off of one.

“By putting it down on paper or putting it on the web, it is a constant reminder of your passions.”

“Bucket lists are just fantasy until you put it into action. Knowing why you want to do the things on your bucket list creates a sense of curiosity.”

I said that. Don’t I sound classy! Kudos to Karly Rath and her amazing writing talent.

You can read Karly’s article here or the full paper here

Stay Curious,

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