April Favourites – Where the adventures are beginning

Favourite Adventure:

April has been one hell of an adventure. From biking riding, to geocaching, to hiking, to kayaking, to dog sitting, I am taking every advantage of the nice weather! It’s that time in Canada where, even though it is only 10 degrees outside, people are starting to wear t-shirts.

Through the month of April, it has steadily gotten warmer and warmer, minus the time where it snowed for three days. Canadian problems, am I right? I think the best adventure this month, had to be our hiking/geocaching trip into Devil’s Pulpit in Belfountain. We ended up finding a geocache in a cave after almost giving up twice. (Hiking Mount Nemo came a close second.)

Looking forward to May, I’ve got another road trip on my hands. One that will lead me to new places. Keep a look out for photos and stories coming soon.

Favourite Things:

Woods Explorers – We applied for our dream job, did you?

Outdoor Nation – A great cause and their facebook has some great inspiration for outdoor travel

Geocaching.com – An excuse to go outside and look for treasure (Add me!)

John Muir and Henry David Theroux – Along with Aldo Leopold, these men are worthwhile reads for any outdoors traveller

Casual Vacancy – A great read this month, you can tell why JK Rowling because a bestseller. Any one catch the HBO miniseries?

Favourite Instagram photos:

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Favourite Tune:

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Stay Curious

– O

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Olivia Rutt is the travel writer and photographer behind My Wandering Voyage, a travel website helping working millennials find time to travel. She shares insight in trip planning, travel inspiration and photography tips. Olivia hails from southern Ontario, Canada where she works in the media industry between travels. Follow Olivia on Instagram where she shares her travel photos, or catch up with her on Facebook or Twitter.