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My 10 favorite things about Fall

October 30, 2014

Fall is without a doubt the best season. I can work through my brain fog of allergies to enjoy the gorgeous and breathtaking wonders of fall.

This fall, I have had the privilege of spending it on both sides of the country. Ontario still is #1 when it comes to the amazing colours.

Here is a list of my favourite things about Fall and a few pictures too look at along the way.

1. Cool weather – Nothings better than being cozy in your favourite sweater

2. Apple/pumpkin festivals – the best place to get local goodies

3. Colours – everything seems saturated and vibrant

4. Feeling of starting anew – like the first day of school

5. Adventures – hikes, climbs, and walks.

6. Corn maze – so much fun

7. Apple Cider – this year I drank the tastiest apple cider!

8. Pumpkins – yummy, pretty, and fun

9. Soup – the best fall dish

10. Thanksgiving – a great holiday for being grateful for everything we have and stuffing your face

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