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REVIEW: Liner socks

Before I went on my first long hike I have to admit I was scared about my feet. I didn’t know how they would be able to handle long journeys. Blisters are a common problem, but I get them even when I have completely broken in a pair of shoes or boots. It’s a huge pain, no pun intended.

I scoured the internet for solutions to blisters and I found that liner socks were a good fit for many. Why not, I thought and picked up a pair from my local SAIL store.


Lorpen Innovative Technical Socks Outdoor & Mountaineering T2 liner.

Lorpen Liner Sock review


These are 75% merino wool, 15% Nylon and 10% LYCRA (a synthetic elastic fibre)

The packaging boasts that this sock improves the warmth performance and wicking properties of your socks. It can be worn for daily use or used as a liner sock in spring, fall and winter.

I purchased a small, crew cut pair.


The first time I wore these was on a 20km hike that had both dry and wet parts of the trail. The socks were tested in spring when it was wet out but the snow had disappeared.

They held up great and I barely noticed that they were there. What I did notice what that I wasn’t getting blisters, so high-five for that.


  • Added warmth;
  • Did not go between my toes (I don’t like that feeling);
  • Kept my feet dry, especially from sweat;
  • No blisters on the usual areas (pinky toe and heels). This is such a big pro for me. I have a terrible time with shoes. While my hiking boots are broken in, I wanted to make sure that these guys wouldn’t give me anything to worry about, and they lived up to that; and
  • There are no seams at the toes, which means no irritation!


  • I did get a small, nonpainful blister on the bottom of my pinky toe, where I’ve actually never had a blister before. I’m not sure if the sock contributed to that or not.
  • They are not as soft as I thought they would be.


I purchased these for $10.99CAD at SAIL, which is pretty reasonable for liner socks.

Final thoughts

While there are many options out there for liner socks, these kept my warm, dry and blister free. And really, that’s all I ask for.

How do you protect your feet during long hikes? What do you use liner socks for?

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