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What to pack for a weekend getaway in Quebec City

what to pack for a weekend getaway to quebec city

Long weekends in summertime are a perfect opportunity to get away. That extra day makes a world of difference, even giving you the opportunity to hop on a plane for a weekend getaway.

I need this trip to Quebec City, so badly, but I also need to be super organized with the little time I have. Let’s not worry about what to wear and instead, focus on being present in the historical city.

I tend to be on the light side of packing. I don’t bring a lot of clothes, but I don’t skimp either. The way I do this is to plan outfits. Sounds overly-organized sure, but it allows me to figure out how many items of clothing to bring.

Packing for weekend getaway in Quebec City

First thing’s first, the closer you get to your departure, check the weather. It’s been stinking hot in Ontario these past few weeks, but before I left, I saw the temperature in Quebec City is going to dip down to the mid-20s.

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My wardrobe for this weekend getaway (a 3-day trip) includes:

  • Two nice shirts – I still like to be dressy, even while sightseeing;
  • One t-shirt – to go with my overalls;
  • Sweater – for night chills;
  • Shorts – it’s summer after all;
  • Overalls – I’m bringing 90s back;
  • Dress – for evening dinners;
  • Leggings – for airport comfort. Air conditioning can get drafty;
  • Bobs/Toms – my go-to travel shoe; and
  • PJs – for the obvious.
Weekend getaway quebec city packing

With that, I have enough clothing for a week, but they are all versatile and comfortable for me to wear.

Make sure to bring your personal items too, such as:

  • Makeup and remover;
  • Glasses/ contacts plus all the stuff that goes with them;
  • Sunscreen;
  • Shampoo/Conditioner;
  • Hair products if you use them;
  • Hairbrush;
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste;
  • Deodorant and fragrance.

On a weekend getaway, you might not need your everyday routine, try to lighten your load by bringing travel-sized items, or leaving “extras” at home.

My carry on is a different story. I’m always packing my camera and accessories, so it’s important to bring my camera bag. (Isn’t it awesome?)

carry on packing weekend getaway Quebec City

Other items include:

  • Book – I’m currently reading a Mountain Story by Lori Lansens;
  • Journal and pens;
  • Camera and extra batteries, memory cards;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Passport/ID;
  • Phone;
  • Chargers; and
  • iPod/headphones.

It’s especially important if you’re a nervous flyer or anxious traveller, that you bring items that will help make you comfortable. If you forget an item at home, don’t fret too much, most items are replaceable.

Also, don’t let anyone judge you for bringing too much or not enough, only you know what you need to make your weekend getaway perfect.

What item can’t you leave home without?

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What to pack for a weekend getaway to Quebec City | My Wandering Voyage #travel #packinglist #QuebecCity #Canada
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