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Travel to Dark Sky Preserves in Canada and see the stars without light pollution [+Map]

January 9, 2019
Have you ever stared up at the sky at night and tried to count all the stars you could see? With light pollution from cities, it can be hard to see those celestial beauties, but at Dark Sky Preserves in Canada, you can lose yourself in the tapestry of the night. | My Wandering Voyage #darksky #canada #travel

What’s one new thing you would like to do this year? For me, I’d like to see and photograph more night time sky phenomenon, like the Milky Way and northern lights. The best way to do that is to visit one of the many dark sky preserves in Canada.

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Visit wild Tofino, British Columbia

October 13, 2018
Explore the mighty and wild Tofino, British Columbia. This western coastal town on Vancouver Island is perfect for every adventurer. Try surfing or eat your way through town. #tofino #britishcolumbia #ExploreBC #exploreCanada

There’s something wild about the ocean. On a bright day in the Caribbean, it seems calm and happy, but in the rough coastline of Vancouver Island, that ocean has this raw power that is allowed to roam free. Everything about the ocean in Tofino, British Columbia is mighty. Tofino is the land of surf, seas, and rugged landscape.

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Exploring British Columbia’s Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

September 9, 2018
Explore Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, located on the western coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. From surfing to hiking to long stretches of beach, Pacific Rim is an adventurer’s paradise | My Wandering Voyage #PacificRimNationalParkReserve #VancouverIsland #BritishColumbia #ParksCanada #Canada #Canadatravel #travel

There’s a feeling you get when you are sitting on a beach that stretches on forever feeling the wind whip your hair across your face and listening to the ocean beat ferociously against the shore. Bliss. The smell of the salty air and watching as a bald eagle flies overhead is nothing short of a blissful experience at the western edge of British Columbia. At Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, you feel like you’re at the edge of the world.

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Whale watching in Victoria, BC

June 7, 2018
Whale watching is one of the best experiences to have in British Columbia. With so many whales calling the Salish Sea home, it’s the best place to view Orcas in their natural habitat. Take a whale watching tour with Eagle Wing Whale and Wildlife Watching Tours. | My Wandering Voyage travel blog

Silence. The motor of the boat has been cut, and you drift, bobbing with the waves in the Pacific Ocean. You’re surrounded by blue, and you can see mountains in the distance. But that’s not what you are here for. You are waiting, silently, scanning the water for a sign from the top predator of the ocean: the orca. Whale watching is a huge draw for visitors in British Columbia, and there are no questions as to why: seeing these beautiful marine mammals in the wild is an incredible experience.

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