Experience Iceland in a campervan

November 19, 2017
Experience Iceland through a rental campervan - campervans are the best way to see Iceland on your own schedule | My Wandering Voyage travel blog

Is the best way to see Iceland through a campervan – a home on wheels? Absolutely.

There are many ways to explore Iceland. You can stay in a hotel and explore the Arctic island through tours, hit up hostels and make plans with the new friends you find there, or depend on the generosity of strangers by hitchhiking and everything in between.

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Horseback riding in Iceland – the perfect souvenir

October 29, 2017
Horseback riding in Iceland is the perfect souvenir. Do your research on the place you’d like to book with. I am so happy I booked with Alhestar - Horseback Riding in Iceland, the perfect souvenir | My Wandering Voyage travel blog

My trip to Iceland took me to some incredible places, like diving at Silfra, picking up glaciers, through stunning landscapes. One of the best memories I will keep from this trip is horseback riding in Iceland.

We stood as a group silently on the beach, which was black as coal. The wind whipped my hair across my face. My horse – whose name roughly translates to Grey was ready to let loose. And staring at the open landscape around me, I was too.

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