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Ultimate guide of gifts for the travel-obsessed Girlboss

This ultimate guide of gifts for the travel-obsessed Girlboss is geared to help you figure out the perfect present for those who work full time and are dreaming of far off places. Travel gifts for the workplace. Travel gifts for the home. | My Wandering Voyage travel blog #giftguide #travel #girlboss

(UPDATED 2022) Have you caught your co-workers gabbing non-stop about their last trip? Or maybe you have a friend who is counting down the days until her next vacation day? Or maybe you are the one who has a world map hanging up at work with all your travel photos? Those of us who work full-time may not get to spend six months in Bali, but we are killing it at work, proud of it, and still love to travel. This gift guide for the travel-obsessed Girlboss is geared to help you figure out the perfect present for those who work full-time and are dreaming of far-off places.

NOTE: Travel is not recommended at this time. These posts are here to serve as inspiration when we can explore again. Hey there – this post likely contains affiliate links, which means I earn a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you purchase from them. This helps me earn a few dollars to run this website.

This ultimate guide of gifts for the travel-obsessed Girlboss is geared to help you figure out the perfect present for those who work full time and are dreaming of far off places. Travel gifts for the workplace. Travel gifts for the home. | My Wandering Voyage travel blog #giftguide #travel #girlboss

In this ultimate gift guide for the travel-obsessed Girlboss, you’ll find the best carry on accessories, gifts to help the travel-obsessed relax on vacation, travel book gifts, travel gifts for the home, and travel gifts for the workplace.

Carry on accessory gifts for the travel-obsessed Girlboss

When it’s time to switch on that out-of-office notification and jet set, most of us want to keep the stress to a minimum and have everything prepped and ready for a stellar vacation. That’s where these carry on accessories come in. This list will help you find your perfect gifts for the travel-obsessed Girlboss to make their limited vacation days a breeze.

Portable charger/ battery bank

I don’t know how I would survive without my portable charger. I use my phone a lot while travelling by taking a ton of photos and using it for translation and directions. The one I use has enough juice to charge up my phone at least six times before needing to be charged itself. Plus, this particular one can be charged up through a solar panel attachment (for when adventures take you off the grid).

Packing cubes

I am unconvinced that packing cubes save you space. However, I do like them for organization. And Organization makes trips so much better! These ones compress, so maybe they do save space after all!

Collapsible water bottle/ mug

I don’t love lugging around everything when I travel, but I find that water is a necessity, especially when the local water isn’t healthy. There are some cool travel water bottles and handy mugs out there that are collapsible! Totally awesome for those with limited space!

Packable blowdryer or hot brush

I’m no beauty queen, but I love to look nice when travelling. But my hair channels its inner Miley Cyrus – because it can’t be tamed. If you’re going for that effortless look, the Dyson Airwrap is king. It’s got several accessories for different hair types, comes in a lovely case and does it all with no extreme heat. Looking for a great dupe? The Shark Flexstyle Air is supposed to be amazing for half the cost.

Just don’t forget to bring along a travel converter or you’ll blow a fuse if you try to use these items in plugs around the world.

Packable hair dryers have definitely been added to my packing list. They are small, dual voltage and the one I have dries my hair faster than my normal hairdryer. I also like this dual voltage hot brush that straightens my hair too. For those of us with curly hair – a foldable diffuser is a great addition!

Carry on suitcase or backpack

For nearly three years now, I’ve have gone full carry-on for all my trips. It has been great. Seriously. That’s why I like the Chester carry on suitcase for shorter trips and the PacSafe VentureSafe backpack for trips 10 days or longer. With lots of room and other great features, both bags are worth the splurge.

Personalized luggage tags

A luggage tag can be a practical item, but because there are so many options, it can be fun to get ones to suit the personality of your gift receiver. Go for an outdoorsy theme or maybe a jet-set theme. You can even get this one personalized!

Waypoint goods travel scarf

Waypoint hidden pocket travel scarf | In Canada, summer temperatures range from coast to coast to coast. It can be hard to know what to pack for Canada in summer. This guide will help. #packingguide #packinglist #summertravel #travel #Canada

I’m obsessed with my Waypoint Goods travel scarf. Not only are they super soft, but they come in an abundance of colours and patterns. (Can you guess which one I chose?!) There’s a small pocket, big enough to fit your passport, lip balm and earphones, making long travel fly by.

Compression socks

Remembering to move on a long plane ride can be tricky. Maybe you’re trying to fall asleep or can’t find the right time to move between the snack cart, your movie, and when your seatmates are awake. That’s where compression socks can come in handy. They can help promote blood flow in your legs, enough to make sure your legs don’t swell like crazy when you’re walking the streets of Rome.

Pack towel

One of the best inventions since sliced bread. Seriously, pack towels are light, super absorbent, quick-drying and are perfect for travelling. They come in a range of sizes and colours. I highly suggest getting a giant one for showers or the beach and a tiny one for hands and face!

Travel wallet

Ever since I first saw these travel wallets in Indigo, I knew they were perfect for keeping all my travel documents together. They’ve got a slot for everything, plus they can expand and can fit a lot of documents, like tickets, confirmation receipts, a passport and luggage tags.

Reusable makeup remover pads

One of my favourite additions to my toiletry bag this year are my reusable cotton pads. They are perfect for applying toner or using them for makeup removal. Plus, since they are reusable, you can throw them in with the rest of your laundry and use them again. I have cotton ones, but I have my eye on some bamboo fibre ones too.

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Relaxation gifts for the travel-obsessed Girlboss

We Girlbosses are go-getters at work, so when we clock out, it’s time to put up our feet and relax. I mean, that’s what a vacation is supposed to be right? These gifts for the travel-obsessed Girlboss are designed to make your holiday the most relaxing it can be.

You Are Here: A Mindful Travel Journal

This journal is a mix between a travel journal and the Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. If you don’t like the confines of a structured travel journal and need space to doodle, write notes or decorate, this is the thing for you.

Travel journal

If you have a packed itinerary, it can difficult to set aside some time to reflect on what you’ve done. That’s why travel journals are great. Some of them, like this, are fill-in-the-blanks. What did you see, where did you eat, etc. That way when you’re ready to give your photo sideshow to your family, you can remember all the details! If you don’t like fill-in-the-blank journals, I like this reporter’s notebook. (I used them back in the day when I was a newspaper reporter, and I still love them).

Travel pillow

I used to think that travel pillows were a waste of space until I tried one for a red-eye flight. I don’t think I’d go back. The memory foam one like this one is great! But there are so many options, like this packable one or this scarf-like pillow.

Eye mask

Sometimes you just want to close your eyes and forget that you’re hurdling through the air at 400 knots in a metal giant with hundreds of other people. That’s where eye masks like this cupped one come in handy.

Sound headband

Sleeping with earbuds or headphones is impossible. But if you want to drown out the world, then these sleep headphones is where it’s at. It delivers great sound while not injuring your ear so you can listen to those relaxing sounds and pretend you’re already at the beach instead of on a plane.

Noise-cancelling headphones

If the headband doesn’t do it for you, then noise-cancelling headphones are the next best thing. I like that you can drown out everything around you. It makes for relaxing travel.

Hydrating facial mist

It’s basically water in a spray bottle, but I don’t jest about hydrating facial mist. Not only does it cool you down, but it also refreshes your face after a long plane ride, so you’re ready to start your adventure. (It can also help if your skin reacts to different environments.)

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Reading gifts for the travel-obsessed Girlboss

Making time to read when you’re a hustling Girlboss. Whether you want to kill time on a plane ride or kick your feet up on a beach lounger, reading is a great way to relax on vacation. These gifts for the travel-obsessed Girlboss are perfect for any travel-loving reader!


I quite like audio-books. I used to drive quite a bit for work (now I walk!), and audiobooks were the only way to get through. My on-repeat books are the Harry Potter series (I’m going on the 7th time through). While I really like Audible for their selection, there’s also this new service that I am really excited about. is the first audiobook company to make it possible for you to buy audiobooks directly through your local bookstore. This means the money goes back to keep all those lovely little bookshops I love visiting so much open!


If you’d rather read, then an e-reader, like a Kindle or Kobo, are great for travelling. The smallest Kindle has only a 6″ display, and Kobo’s smallest is also only 6″. Meaning they are so much easier to truck around than a bunch of books. Plus, if you like reading multiple books at once, it’s so easy to pile a bunch of books into this tech and switch to what you feel like reading.

Book recommendations for travellers

These books are great for any traveller, and therefore make perfect gifts for the travel-obsessed Girlboss, but I also recommend checking out Trip Fiction to see what books are set in the place where you’re going.

10 fiction book recommendations for travellers:

10 non-fiction book recommendations for travellers:

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Travel gifts for the home

When you’re not travelling, you’re probably dreaming about travel. These gifts for the travel-obsessed Girlboss are perfect to bring more travel into your home.

Coffee table book

There’s nothing better to know that you nailed a gift for someone. For me, It was when my parents opened up their gift last Christmas and started tearing up. It was a simple photo book of our photos from a trip to Italy. My mom said it was her favourite book and she’s brought it to parties to show people. Photobooks are my favourite way to showcase a trip. They usually contain the best of the best photos and are easy to flip through.

I use Blurb to create my own 12×12 photobooks for myself, for friends and family.

Not sure about creating your own coffee table book? Here is a list of great ones any traveller will love:

Scratch map

Scratch maps are such a fun way of displaying the places you’ve been. I’ve held off getting one for so long because I was looking for the perfect one: one with gold foil, watercolour underneath and separate provinces and states for North America. Well, I’ve found it. And you can personalize it too!

Crumpled city maps

Do you hate folding maps? It’s the worst. That’s where these Crumpled City Maps come into use. Shove it in your bag, spill something on it, even crumple it as many times as you like, these maps are indestructible. They are perfect for any city wanderer. Plus, you can hang them up and display them after your trip.

Cork globe

Go all out with the travel theme with travel decor like this cork globe. Use it practically, like for sticking reminders and messages to it, or use it decoratively to display the places you’ve been.

Adventure piggy bank

We all want to save some money and travel, right? Well, why not a travel-themed piggy bank. They’ve got them for road trippers, travellers, adventurers and more. I once saved up $120 just from loose change. That won’t take me to Paris, but it would at least let me buy all the crepes I wanted once I got there.

Art print

After photography, art prints are my go-to gifts. Art that represents travel can be some of the coolest things to hang in your home. And there are so many amazing artists out there, and plenty to choose from. Indigo has the best selection of art prints.

Travel-themed scented candles

It’s amazing how much smell can trigger a memory. Studies show that these types of memories are stronger and more vivid than any other type of memory triggers. Pretty cool right? So these travel-themed scented candles by Homesick will be perfect to bring that Paris cafe smell into your home.

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Travel gifts for the workplace

Brighten up your office or cubicle with all things travel-related! Though I may work full-time, I still want to have travel-related things around my office. Whether its art prints, notebooks or stationary, these travel gifts for the workplace are perfect for the travel-obsessed Girlboss.

Mini scratch map

Show off to all your co-workers the incredible places you’ve visited with a mini scratch map, one that you can hang on your cubicle wall or a cupboard door.

Desk calendar

Rifle Paper Co has some great art pieces, and I’m in love with their vintage style travel calendars. This desk calendar is a great way to bring a little bit of travel into the workplace.

Desk photo display

How else can you show off your awesome travel photos without shoving them under the nose of whoever will listen? By displaying them on your desk and letting the curious come to you!

Travel notebooks

Notebooks are a necessity for an office job. So why not add your own flair with these travel-themed notebooks? You can stare longingly at the pictures and wish you were there the next budget meeting you need to sit in.

Map keyboard cover

These map keyboard covers are perfect for work! It protects your keyboard and makes you dream of travel? Heck yes!

Travel-themed mug for your office

If you’re one to keep a mug at work, or maybe you want to start, then why not a travel-themed mug? You better keep it at your desk, however, or someone might steal it!

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Travel-themed jewellery for the Girlboss

Adding some jewellery definitely makes your outfit. And if it’s travel-themed? Well, that makes it that much cooler. You’ll be like the popular kid at the office with a sense of travel mystery. Kudos.

El Camino bracelet

Take your countries with you everywhere with an El Camino Bracelet. Start with a band and add the countries you’ve been to, or cities, or regions, or oceans! Decorate it that way you want to decorate it.

World map necklace

Show off your travel obsession with this gorgeous world map necklace.

Compass earrings

Who wants to wear the world on their shoulders when you can do it on your earlobes? Haha. Check out these awesome compass earrings that will go with any business casual outfit.

Just because we’re hustling at work, doesn’t mean we don’t love to travel all the time! That’s why this ultimate guide of gifts for the travel-obsessed Girlboss is geared to help you figure out the perfect present for those who work full-time and are dreaming of far off places.

This ultimate guide of gifts for the travel-obsessed Girlboss is geared to help you figure out the perfect present for those who work full time and are dreaming of far off places. Travel gifts for the workplace. Travel gifts for the home. | My Wandering Voyage travel blog #giftguide #travel #girlboss
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