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10 Favourite things in Greece

July 8, 2013
  1. Favourite city: Nafplio, so beautiful.
  2. Favourite Beach: The beach in Paros I never got the name of.
  3. Favourite site: Olympia, so happy I got to see it.
  4. Favourite food: Gyros, hands down. I could go for 10 of them right now.
  5. Favourite Drink: Frappe. Delicious cold and refreshing and a little caffeine pick me up, you can’t go wrong.
  6. Favourite Island: Paros
  7. Favourite activity: a difficult choice, but definitely the boat tour around Santorini
  8. Favourite memory: Sitting on the edge of the pool with Elizabeth in Paros watching the sunset, singing Circle of Life and a flock of white pigeons flew everywhere. Pure magic.
  9. Favourite Souvenir: My Artemis statue
  10. Favourite Book I read during the trip: American Gods by Neil Gaiman.
Favourite Photo of myself (and an olive branch)

Favourite Photo of myself (and an olive branch)